Lake Tahoe Fishing Charters

Catching a Mackinaw Trout in Tahoe
Area man catches fish

Shoberg, fishing Tahoe
Area Man Catches 2nd Fish
Spend the day on a boat and catch some delicious trout with one on Lake Tahoe's guided fishing charters.

H2O Sports Round Hill Pines Beach
Parasailing, kayak and jet ski rentals. Also offers a fishing charter boat. Located at Round Hill Pines beach.
Zephyr Cove, NV

Tahoe Sport Fishing
Like most fishing charters, they offer everything from day licenses to cleaning the fish.
South Lake

Camp Richardson Marina
In the marina at the Camp Richardson Resort near Emerald Bay on the southwest shore you can find boat rentals, parasailing, fishing charters, boat launching, kayaks, jet skis and more.
Camp Richardson, Southwest Shore, CA

A Pick!Chuck's Bait and Tackle
Chuck's bait and tackle shop is closed, but Chuck keeps his fishing boat in slip at a nearby marina where you will meet for your fishing trip. He has been fishing in Lake Tahoe for decades, and almost always sends his guests home with fish, which he cleans for you on the boat. Chuck takes small groups out, so his charter is more personal than some of the larger operations. A typical trip is in areas near the north shore, starting with trolling in more shallow water for rainbows, and then moving on to Macks.
8658 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA

Kingfish is a west shore based guide service with a 43 foot boat based on West Shore.
5190 West Lake Blvd Homewood, CA

Mickey's Big Mack
Mickey's operates a 43 foot vessel out of Carnelian Bay on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Their sportfisher accomodates up to 14 people, with 10 fishing.
Carnelian Bay, CA

Tahoe Sport Fishing
With locations in south shore at Marina Village Ski Run and in Zephry Cove, Tahoe Sport Fishing can accomodate larger groups and even parties on its numerous fishing boats.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Tahoe Angler
Light tackle sport fishing for Mackinaw, based in south shore.
South Lake Tahoe

Mile High Fishing
Jigging, deep water trolling and topline trolling offered trough this guide service with a 28 foot Fish Rite boat in south shore.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Cleaning and Cooking Trout
So you caught a trout and don't know what do with it - this is one way to we have found to prepare trout. In this case we have a Mackinaw, also known as a lake trout caught in Lake Tahoe. Start by cleaning it.

Get a good filet knife, and slice its belly from the bottom to the mouth. Remove the guts, cleaning the inside with lots of water and your hand or a brush until no blood or guts remain. You will be left with a hollow fish. Next, cut off the fins that are near the belly; in the process you will remove a small amount of poor quality fat that deposits there. You can leave the head on, or cut it off and butterfly the fish as we did in this case. To butterfly, remove the head, spread the fish out and cut from inside of the belly, slicing the ribs along and as close as possible to the spine. Make this cut from head to tail, and you will be able to open the fish and lay it out skin side down.

Light the grill and rub olive oil on the skin of the fish. When cooked, the skin will separate from the meat of the fish, so you do not need to remove it. Lay the fish out and dress it with lemon, white wine, fresh cut parsley and dill, salt and pepper. Grill it skin down until the white fats start to bead on the surface of the meat.

You can also make a sauce for the fish. In this case, we simmered olive oil, white wine, butter, and parsley in a frying pan and poured it over the trout before serving. Delicious.

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