Tahoe Rim Trail

The Rim Trail is a 165 mile loop over the peaks and scenic areas surrounding lake tahoe. This single-track trail is open to hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking (in most areas). This is a beautiful hiking experience - its path will take you over high peaks with incredible views of Tahoe, through scenic valleys, and along many small mountain lakes and streams. Visit the official website for information on specific areas where biking is permitted. Wilderness camping is permitted for those hiking the trail. Pemits are required for camp stove/fires and camping in many areas. Be sure to use proper bear canisters for any food you carry when camping.

Sections of the rim trail can be hiked or biked by leaving a car or arranging a pickup where it crosses roads and highways. Many people choose to hike the entire trail in sections of 15-25 mile day-hikes without camping overnight.

Note that during high snow years, much of the rim trail may be buried until mid summer. Much more information can be found at the Rim Trail Association website.
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