Crystal Bay Restaurants

Just up the hill from Kings Beach, the California/Nevada border is a popular late night destination. In addition to 24 hour gaming at the casinos, several dining options are available to Crystal Bay visitors.

A Pick!Soule Domain
Local creative chef Charlie Soule's restaurant is a favorite romantic date destination. Next to the California/Nevada border, Soule Domain is just up the hill from Kings Beach in Crystal Bay. Easy to miss, it is tucked away 1/2 Block up Stateline Road across from the Tahoe Biltmore Casino. Dinner is served nightly. If you are lucky, Charlie's brother Steve will be your waiter!
9983 Cove Ave, Kings Beach

Biltmore Cafe
Playin' blackjack and you want a late night snack? Or are you looking for bargain bacon and eggs at 6am? The 24 hour Biltmore Cafe is famous for it's cheap 'Biltmore Breakfast' and late night menu. Available frequently, but not always, the Biltmore Breakfast is your ticket to eggs, sausage or bacon, hash-browns and toast for as little as $2.59! Senior specials and periodic deals on crab legs and steak are further attractions that bring locas and visitors alike to the Biltmore Cafe. The also feature a 24 hour menu with selections similar to Denny's.
#5 Hwy 28 (Hwy 28 and Stateline) Crystal Bay, NV

Conrad's Grill & BBQ
A bit more upscale than the Biltmore Cafe, Conrad's is the Tahoe Biltmore's casino style steakhouse. Open nightly serving pasta, fish, and steaks, Conrad's offers Crystal Bay guests a fine dining experience. If you are explore a bit, you may be able to find some coupons or further discounts on dinner while gambling at the casino.
#5 Hwy 28 (Hwy 28 and Stateline) Crystal Bay, NV

Crystal Bay Cafe
The Crystal Bay Club was remodeled recently, and the newly renovated cafe offers some affordable snacks with flare. Wings, spring roles, zesty fries and lobster cakes are examples of what you might find on this menu. You can also eat at the bar, which is now the popular place for sporting events. The many flat screen plasma TVs, the sports book, and the cheap beer and snacks all combine for fun Sunday morning football.
14 State Highway 28, Crystal Bay, NV

The Steak and Lobster House
The Crystal Bay Club's Steak and Lobster House features old-style booths and decor that create a comfortable mafia style mood to go along with the excellent food. Located in the Crystal Bay Casino, a great wine list and nearby gaming help to make The Steak and Lobster House a great choice for a night out.
14 State Highway 28, Crystal Bay, NV

Cal Neva Resort
The historic Cal Neva resort, spa and casino in Crystal Bay sits on the Califonia / Nevada border - in fact, a portion the building is in California, and a portion is in Nevada. Dining options include the Circle Bar and the Lakeview Dining Restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2 Stateline Road, Crystal Bay, NV

The newest restaurant addition to Crystal Bay is Straddles, which offers breakfast and lunch specials. You will find good food at very reasonable prices. Located on 28 in front of the Cal Neva. Our pick: pulled pork sandwich and cole slaw.

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